Secouez-vous les idées 114 / collaboration

For the issue #114 of “Secouez-vous les idées” I have worked in collaboration with two talented illustrators Elisa Sartori and Doriane Millet.

We have developed the question of the invisibility in the modern society, the eventual problems of living in the society and in the big cities. And we have questioned the choices that people make when they leave the society and decide to live “invisibly” in the forests by themselves.

We have been mostly inspired by the manifesto written by Ted Kaczynski, which story you can see in the miniseries Manhunt: Unabomber.

We have created each of us a separate illustration, each of them treating a different subject: nature, person and city. Each illustration is narratif separately but put together all three of them the new  image with new narration is created.



fullsizeoutput_bcdfullsizeoutput_bcefullsizeoutput_bcffullsizeoutput_bd0plantes previewville previewcorps en place previewcorps + maisons + plantes preview



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